Ultrabass Red Giant Xi Hydrae

by Crysknife007

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Here we have a long sleep sound created by starting with the ambient bass blasts created by the enormous star Xi Hydrae. In this form it sounds quite a lot to me like waves crashing on a beach.

" Xi Hydrae is a fourth-magnitude star in the constellation Hydra. The star is situated 130 light-years from Earth and has a radius about 10 times that of the Sun. It is radiating 58 times as much luminosity as the Sun.

The star is now approaching the end of its life, and has expanded its outer envelope to become a red giant star.

The star Xi Hya was particularly interesting in the field of asteroseismology when an international group of astronomers discovered that it behaves like a giant sub-ultra-bass musical instrument. " - en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xi_Hydrae

This sound should be great for focusing at work, getting some sleep, relaxing, or just putting the baby to bed.

This image is actually our own Sun with a red filter as there aren't any great resolution images of Xi Hydrae as of yet in our history among the stars.

Original sample used to make this creative work from the ESO. More information on this phenomenon can be found here: www.eso.org/public/unitedkingdom/news/eso0215/


released June 23, 2015




Cheesy Nirvosa Fayetteville, Arkansas

Crysknife007 specializes in extended ambient space and spaceship sounds. He also enjoys working with other scifi soundscapes.

Also known as Cheesy Nirvosa, his homefried beats break from traditional cycles and regularity. The sound aims more for confusion than melody, often favoring some that sounds particularly out of place than a tune which syncopates expectedly.
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